Cezary Gizka – Board Member

cezary-gizkaExpert of the market, v-ce Chairman of The Supervisory Board of the National Chamber of Sport, ex-President of the Board of Olympic Casino, a stock exchange listed company that he has introduced to the market. Recognized expert in e-commerce, creating business strategies and business plans both in Poland and globally. Graduate of the University of Warsaw. Postgraduate: Business Academy, National Louis Chicago University, the University of North Carolina, University of Nevada, Harvard University. A longtime member of the Business Centre Club, Vice-President of the Commission of Sport and Tourism, Vice-President of the Supervisory Board of the National Chamber of Sport, a member of the Polish Business Club, a member of the Board of Polish Success Academy. Involved in co-operation with Polish Olympic Committee and numerous CSR activities.

listmszCezary Gizka – Board Member